About us

Micromeh Electronic Co. has started its operation since 1389 by designing & manufacturing of electronic devices included complex industrial circuit board. Thereafter, we have developed our activities to industrial electrical system (industrial automation) and also programming industrial-monitoring software. Relying on our core assets of human resources and modern management systems, the MME group has become a trusted partner to industrial professionals by providing solutions, training, support services, electronic repair, calibration, energy efficiency, preventative maintenance and also supplying electrical products.

MME group at a glance:

 Design automation systems based on programmable logic controller (PLC) and human machine interface (HMI) include SiemensOmronBeckhoffAllen BradleyDelta brands.
 Design control system
 Design weighting system
 Design Precision motion control systems (servo) and robotic
 Design a wide variety of industrial electronic boards
 Image processing and machine vision
 Design telemetry based system, remote management and Network Control
 Assembling, wiring and testing electrical panelscomponents mounted in enclosure according to international standards and utilizing authentic brand.
 Importation of industrial toolsequipment from all over the word at comparatively low price and also on-time delivery.

We believe Competitive quality, cost, service and delivery have always been fundamental requirements of suppliers.